Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Our First Day!

Today we had a great first day in Paris! It was such a beautiful day we decided to wander to our favorite park, the Jardin du Luxembourg. On the way we stopped for yummy espressos for Adam and I and hot chocolates for Michelle and Jackie.
The fountain above (La Fontaine des Medicis) is a favorite of mine, and with all the leaves and fall flowers it was as beautiful as ever, I still can't believe we're here again!

It is so nice to have friends around to take photos of Adam and I... we don't have very many of the two of us! Thanks Michelle :) (check out her blog for more photos of Paris and our first day.)

The tree above was so cool, it was being held up by the wood support on the left... and still growing strong.
After our walk we stopped at another cafe for drinks and treats. Jackie got the yummy Manhattan above and it was so good we decided the extra orange rind was the perfect twist.
Now we are sitting around our studio apartment listening to great music... thanks to Rob for letting us borrow his Bose!!!
What a great day... J'aime Paris :)

Going to France

Yippie, we are in Paris.... here is a photo of our last moments in Seattle. Poor Maddie could tell something was going on, and she wasn't too happy about it. Thankfully she is in good hands with my parents, and Adam and I had a fantastic flight (our first non stop trip to Europe and now we never want to do it any other way!)

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Darcy, Grant and Hazel

Adam and I had a great day... we got to meet Hazel, Darcy and Grant's one month old little girl. They came to our house today for Hazel's first official photo shoot, it was absolutely amazing to see them both as parents. I couldn't stop taking pictures :)

I met both of them at Willamette, Darcy and I were "pair partners" (I rowed right behind her) on the crew team, we shared many early mornings together.

Maddie constantly wanted to lick Hazel, it was so cute... and I loved Grant's hands holding Hazel's little head.

Thank you both for sharing this precious time with us, congratulations!

Friday, October 19, 2007

Rhiannon and Jeff are engaged!

Yippie!! Two of our best friends, Rhiannon and Jeff are officially engaged...

We celebrated with them tonight, and got to check out Rhiannon's GORGEOUS ring, designed by Jeff!

I forced our camera on them... I just loved seeing Jeff tell their engagement story (photo below on the left), and both of them deep in thought about a potential wedding location (on the right.) Adam and I are so excited to be a part of their wedding planning process... thanks guys!!

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Junebug Photo Shoot

Adam and I had fun shooting today, here are some of the photos...
We did the shoot at a really cool restaurant downtown called Tavolata.

The girls were so fun, and we all had a great time.... I really loved my job today!

The shoot was for Junebug, for our next fashion report... posted on the site November 1st :).

Erin Skipley
did the make-up and hair, she's also going to France with Adam and I at the end of the month to do all the styling, hair, and make-up there, yeah.