Sunday, September 30, 2007

Rainy day in Seattle

Oh how I love it when it rains, it always reminds me of why I am so glad to live in Seattle :). We are about to leave the house for a wedding, but I had to post a few photos I took this morning.
Every day I sit with Maddie outside on the porch drinking my yummy coffee (made by Adam.) Often neighbors come by to chat, Joyce came by today with her big broom. She was walking the neighborhood clearing the storm drains! She is so great, our neighborhood "watcher", I always go to her if I need to know what is going on.
Maddie was really sad that it was raining so hard, she was so adorable! Happy rainy Sunday!

Saturday, September 29, 2007

Girls Weekend!!!

I just had a fantastic weekend with my girlfriends from Willamette!!!
The photos say it all... my only complaint is that there wasn't enough time :). Can't wait until next year!!!

Friday, September 28, 2007

Some photos to share!

Adam shot these photos at a recent wedding and I had to share :) sooo pretty!

Jessica and Justin were such a joy to photograph. We first met them in March at the zoo to do their engagement photos (their first date had been at the zoo.) They had such a great time and started getting so excited for their 2008 wedding that they moved the date up a year!!!

We had one Saturday still open in August, so they booked it and started planning! Jessica found her AMAZING dress at Anthropologie on sale for $50.00, I am not kidding... she is good at finding deals (her awesome hairpiece was from ebay.) They were married outside in a beautiful garden on Bainbridge Island at a family friend's home. They drove away in a vintage Ford and they're now in Thailand for 8 months!!! It was such a perfect day, and we felt so lucky to be a part of all the fun.

Saturday, September 15, 2007

We are going back to France! Yippie!

We did our first photo shoot yesterday with the model and makeup artist that we are going to France with this November!
The designer who designed my wedding dress, Madina Vadache, is sending Adam and I to Paris and to the chateau where we got married to do a photo shoot of her 2008 "couture" and wedding dress line! I feel like I am dreaming...
We only had about a 1/2 hour with the model... but it was so much fun, I can't imagine how fantastic it will be in Paris!!

Friday, September 14, 2007

Our Neighbor Jo

We LOVE our neighbor Jo, she is the sweetest woman, and she considers Adam her hero... you can ask him why! :) All summer long she has been giving me the most beautiful flowers and today she gave us some yummy tomatoes from her garden!

I do have to say though, to see some really really big tomatoes check out my friend Rosie's blog... her husband, Josh, and their kids have grown some of the largest tomatoes I have seen in awhile!

Friday, September 7, 2007

One of our recent weddings...

Michelle and Jeff were married on Labor Day, Congratulations guys!
The week before the wedding we met them at Greenlake to do engagement photos (Jeff had proposed to Michelle on a dock at Greenlake :)) We weren't sure what to expect, we hadn't met Jeff, and we knew he wasn't very into photos. When they walked up, the first words out of Jeff's mouth were "Hey, I know you Adam!" Ironically he and Adam worked together at REI years ago, before Jeff moved to Georgia.... and they had been great friends.
From that point on Jeff was TOTALLY into the photos and we had a fantastic time. What a small world we live in, I am pleasantly surprised by it all the time.