Friday, September 14, 2007

Our Neighbor Jo

We LOVE our neighbor Jo, she is the sweetest woman, and she considers Adam her hero... you can ask him why! :) All summer long she has been giving me the most beautiful flowers and today she gave us some yummy tomatoes from her garden!

I do have to say though, to see some really really big tomatoes check out my friend Rosie's blog... her husband, Josh, and their kids have grown some of the largest tomatoes I have seen in awhile!


michelle said...

LOVE THE POST!!!! It's about time!!! It's not like you've been busy this summer or anything... :) Why haven't I met Jo? Can we bake cookies and take them to her so I can meet her? Okay, this is a long comment. I must go. Love yous!!!!!

rosieroberson said...

Love the new entries on your blog . . . beautiful photos of course.