Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Life at our house...

Life around our house has been really fun lately, we're fully immersed in a huge Junebug Weddings project, producing and sourcing around 500 photos for a nationally published wedding planning book due out in 2009!!!
Blair and Christy (my Junebug partners) are busy writing the book while our house has been turned into a professional photo studio. Adam even moved one of our computers out into the living room so that I can shoot right into the computer and it will pop up on the big screen! LOVE IT!

Today we shot diamonds!! We went "shopping" this morning at EE Robbins in downtown Seattle for our favorites, brought them home and started shooting. The photo below is Christy covered in white so that her reflection doesn't show in the ring.

Below is the ring she was shooting.... it featured a new type of setting in wedding rings, French Pave, which I LOVE... so dainty and sophisticated.

Maddie loves to be in the middle of all the action....

We shot invitations last week, and had over 100 different invitations here at the house to play with... I love the wording of the directions below from mmm... paper (click on the photo to enlarge).

Blair was over the other night to help me with a few of the photos, it was so fun to watch her balanced up on the ladder... engrossed in her subject :).

Below is the photo she was taking (the invitation is by izzy girl)

Christy is loving our brand new 100mm/2.8 macro lens. It is so fun to see how close you can get to your subject and still maintain focus... really, a ton of fun for us photo nerds :).

and this is the photo she was taking (invitation by Bella Figura)

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Night out with Jeff and Rhiannon

Two of our best friends, Jeff and Rhiannon are getting married this summer here in Seattle and we're so excited to photograph their wedding! Last week Rhiannon came over and had her practice run for make-up done by our favorite make-up artist, Erin Skipley. Erin did my make-up too, then Rhiannon, Jeff, Adam and I went out for a night on the town....

We decided to go to dinner at a great wine bar downtown called Purple.

Thanks to Rhiannon for taking the photo of us above! We love it :)

After dinner we had to do some window shopping downtown... Rhiannon still needs shoes for the wedding... maybe Luly Yang? :)

Maddie and Erik

Our neighbors have a wonderful little boy, Erik, who is the same age as Maddie. It has been so fun to watch them grow up together! Today they walked by and stopped to hang out with us. Maddie was very happy to lick Erik's face... I think she loves that he is exactly her size!

Erik has always watched Maddie play fetch in our yard, now he's learning to throw the ball to her himself. I love the look on his face below right before he threw the ball, so cute!