Sunday, September 30, 2007

Rainy day in Seattle

Oh how I love it when it rains, it always reminds me of why I am so glad to live in Seattle :). We are about to leave the house for a wedding, but I had to post a few photos I took this morning.
Every day I sit with Maddie outside on the porch drinking my yummy coffee (made by Adam.) Often neighbors come by to chat, Joyce came by today with her big broom. She was walking the neighborhood clearing the storm drains! She is so great, our neighborhood "watcher", I always go to her if I need to know what is going on.
Maddie was really sad that it was raining so hard, she was so adorable! Happy rainy Sunday!


Aimee said...

Kim, I found your blog through Ali's and I've been looking through your gorgeous, gorgeous, (did I say gorgeous yet?) photos and sites for the whole morning. :)I just love it all...but I'm especially partial to your sweet puppy! xo, Aimee

Amazing 88's: Jeff & Rhiannon said...

Maddie is super cute.