Monday, July 2, 2007

Vintage Car Races at Pacific Raceway my friend, Tom called me and asked if I would like to photograph some old race cars, I asked if there were any old Porsches, he said yes, so I said yes! First race of the second part of the second, confusing, was these Hot rods. Nope, I do not know what the real "class" of auto's they were, I just know they were loud.The green machine above won this race.

Ohhh, now come the real old racers. These cars were fun to watch. #75 is a car made by Allard?


meangeno said...

How about a ride around the track one time for me, huh.

Anonymous said...

the green machine as you all it is a regular at lime rock raceway in conn.and the car is a 1970 or 71 dodge challenger owned and operated by sam posey-My boys age 10 and 14 met him at lime rock and he had my 10 yr old sit in the car just befor a race-he let him rev it up-my son had a smile for a week-thanx sam

tom butts said...

sam posey in the green machine is a rare breed of racing for fun guy-he wants everyone to have a good time