Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Happy Birthday to Adam!

Yesterday was Adam's Birthday, yeah! He spent part of his day producing this AWESOME video of some of our fashion shoot in France! Enjoy watching :)... and a big Happy Birthday to you Adam! I Love you!


Anonymous said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Super Videographer ADAM!!! Loved the sound of the crunching leaves too. And I didn't want the video to end! Your music selection was very birthday-esque. Thank you for your present to us, Love and xxxx, Ma Ma K

Michelle said...

Excellent job!!! I loved the part where you're walking in the leaves and you get Kim clapping! :) Is a day complete without a clap from Kim? I think not. Also, the credits were so witty... GREAT JOB!!!!

Michelle said...

What fun that you put this together - I love the mix of music and talking.

So wonderful to talk to you guys last night. Huge hugs from me and a huge BAH from Claudius.

rosieroberson said...

Yay! Loved it!

and . . . HAPPY BIRTHDAY Adam!

AMANDA said...

ooooh adam, you're a treat. i loved the video and i'm dying to see more. i miss you guys, we need a reunion!

the spoiled model.