Monday, May 18, 2009

Avrimi and Chavi's Wedding

Chavi & Avrimi were married a few weeks ago in a beautiful Jewish ceremony marked by wind, rain... and even some sun!

Above is the groom, his father and the bride's father on their way to veil his bride during the traditional Bedeken.

The rain had threatened us all day, but we only had a couple of drops... even as the couple came down the aisle it was sunny, but that did not last long!

As the ceremony got underway, the rain came, the water pooled in the center of the chuppa, I am enthralled with the water drops off the brim of the groom's hat!

I love the shot below of the Rabbi (also the bride's father), a huge thanks to Mike Goldstein, assistant shooter extraordinaire for that one!

We can never get enough of the dancing at a Jewish ceremony... it is truly incredible. Everyone dances, from the very young to the very old, everyone dances.

I love the Hora, we've never seen tables used before (above)! There was so much energy in the room, as soon as the groom got into the air he was bombarded with napkins. The napkins were also used as a jump rope for the bride (below).

The dancing went on long after we went home... it was a great night!


Mike said...

The shot of the groom with the drops coming off his hat is breathtaking. What a beautiful shot, crop & treatment.

Thank you for letting me play with you guys!

Anonymous said...

I too loved the shot Adam took of the groom in his hat with the rain coming off of it in droplets. The head shots of the men where wonderful. And the shots of the beautiful! Kandace

Clare said...

Gorgeous shots, you two! The intensity of the groom's expression during the ceremony and the water on his hat is just stunning.

I love Jewish weddings... the sense of community and celebration is unparalleled.