Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Great Lake Swimmers

While Kim has been busy down in Southern California with the Junebug girls I've been having a great time working on our new vegetable garden, among other things and on March 30th I was lucky enough to photograph the band, Great Lake Swimmers!!! They are one of my faves, so I was really excited to do the shoot.

In the pictures above and in the photo below, the lead singer, Tony Dekker, was writing a new song. I just followed him around while he played and edited the song. It was really great to see the process for him. The shot above will be in Eliza Magazine!

Above is Erik Arneson who plays Banjo, Mandolin, and Guitar. Greg Millson is on Drums below.

The band played the new song Tony had been writing for the sound check. It was sublime to be there hearing them play this for the first time ever. Brilliant!

Here is the whole band with Darcy Yates on Upright Bass and Julie Fader on Keyboards.

Fun Band shots......the Tractor Tavern in Ballard was the perfect setting for this shoot.

Thanks to the Great Lake Swimmers for their time & their music!


One Love Photo said...

love their name. this are really cool band shots!

One Love Photo said...

i meant these are really cool....i think band shots would be kinda difficult but I really like your approach.

Billy Cliffe said...

Great shots bro! I love your eye! Tractor tavern - brilliant!