Monday, August 3, 2009

Puja and Marcus have their wedding!

We have been so very busy, but we will be catching up on blog posts all week!!!

Marcus and his entourage toasting to the day!

Puja wore the shoes above and below, they were handmade specifically for her and they had both of their names, as well as their July 4th date on them!

Marcus rode into the ceremony on a horse while everyone around him danced, sang and played assorted percussion instruments, it was quite a sight!

Marcus was told his name was somewhere in her henna, the photo above and the two below are a series of him looking for and finding his name!

The night ended with sparklers on the roof of Bell Harbor.

What a sweet night! Congratulations Puja and Marcus....we loved shooting your wedding!


Puja said...

Oh my gosh, LOVE the pictures and just love you guys too! Thanks for being so fabulous. Cannot wait to see the rest!

Angela Burke said...

Love the color and motion in these! They look so happy and in love!

Justine of Magical Mehendi said...

WOW!!! What beauty! Everyone and everything looks joyous and just so beautiful. Puja and Marcus look very happy.
Outstanding captures!