Thursday, August 14, 2008

Courtney Gregoire and Scott Lindsay's Wedding!

Courtney and Scott were married last Saturday at the Governor's Mansion in Olympia, Washington... Courtney's Mom is our state Governor, Chris Gregoire! The wedding was beautiful, and was actually the first ever held at the 100 year old Mansion. It was fantastic to be there to capture it all!!

I loved all the special touches that Courtney and Scott incorporated into their day... a piece of her Mom's wedding dress surrounded the base of Courtney's bouquet (below), and her Grandmother's ring was sewn onto her garter. Even the beautiful lovebird cake topper was hand carved by Scott's Dad! So sweet!

Courtney wore the most beautiful veil (above), the mantilla style perfectly framed her face. Scott looked classic in his tux and bow tie (below)... it was great to watch him with the kids!

Courtney's jewelry was designed for her by Brandy of Abaloria, the bridesmaids also wore Abaloria jewelry (given to them by Courtney). It was so pretty, great job Brandy :).

There was no one else in the room when Courtney and Scott saw each other for the first time (below), it was such a beautiful moment!!! I didn't even want to breathe :)...

There were a few times we had to run in from the rain (above) it was truly a Washington day with heavy rainfall off and on... but it sure didn't dampen anyone's spirit!!!

At the start of the ceremony there was a bit of rain falling as the kids walked down the aisle... but right before Courtney's turn, her Dad held out his hand to test for rain and gave the thumbs up as the sun began to show through the clouds (below)... it was an amazing moment!

The speeches were great, both hilarious and touching. I loved the moment below when Courtney's sister, Michelle, started to cry during her speech and her Mom instantly reached over to comfort her... absolutely beautiful.

The band, Type A! , had everyone dancing late into the night, it was such an amazing wedding no one wanted it to end!

Congratulations to Courtney and Scott!!! For more photos check out What Junebug Loves!


Anonymous said...

What a great wedding! Your photos are amazing and captured the whole day perfectly! Courtney looked so beautiful and glowing!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for posting more photo's!! "What June Bug Loves" was just a taster. The love that emanated from everyone was captured beautifully! Thank you for bringing us to the celebration...Kandace

Anonymous said...

I loved the picture on the stairs with the bride and groom embracing, what love it evokes! And the two sisters with their mom in the background at the toast so such emotion! Once again you amaze me with your photos! Ron