Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Melissa and Andy's Wedding!

Last Saturday's weather turned out to be gorgeous... thank goodness! We'd been crossing our fingers all week because the forecast was for rain, but Melissa and Andy had planned an outdoor wedding (don't you love it when the weather man is so wrong!)

What a beautiful bride...

I loved the way Andy looked at Melissa when he saw her for the first time (below), he told Adam right before hand that he "was SO excited to see her" :). Love it!

The bridesmaids wore beautiful blue dresses, we loved photographing them all day :).

Their ceremony was during sunset, with the Space Needle as a backdrop... so pretty!

Melissa and Andy had delicious Trophy Cupcakes as their wedding cake... they were so good we took my parents out the next day to have some!

Congratulations to you both, hope you have a great honeymoon!


Shannon said...

BEAUTIFUL natural light on all of these!!!! great job :-)

Anonymous said...

All of the blue tones in the photo's were wonderfully captured, and unified the compositions artfully.... including the sky. What an amazing end of summer day to celebrate a wedding! Kandace